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Fraud Laws in Canada

Part X of the Criminal Code / Fraudulent Transactions

 Fraud: Illegal Means for Obtaining Money and Property

If you have been charged with a crime in Ottawa, you should consult with a criminal defence lawyer in your area

Insights from Ottawa Lawyer, Céline Dostaler

Building a Defence Against Fraud Charges

The evidence used against you can significantly impact the outcome of your fraud case. I'll closely examine the process by which the police obtained any production orders and search warrants. If there were any errors made during this process, I would work to exclude any evidence that was unlawfully seized. I have successfully made many applications to exclude evidence in the past.

In many fraud cases, charges are laid even if the accused had 'no intent' to defraud. This can happen if a business deal or investment collapses for reasons that are unrelated to fraud. However, if the accused did not intend to defraud or were unaware of the risks involved in their actions, they have a defence against the charges.

With my close working relationship with both Specialized Prosecutions and General Prosecutions, I have a track record of successfully having my clients' fraud charges withdrawn or reduced before the stress and expense of a trial. In these cases, I can present defence evidence to the assigned Crown Prosecutor without prejudice. This means that any information or evidence discussed cannot be used against my client at trial.

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Fraud in Ottawa, Ontario - Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Legal Terms

Crown prosecutor

Lawyers who act for the federal, provincial and territorial governments and prosecute people accused of crimes on behalf of the Crown.

Indictable offence

Indictable offences are the most serious offences under the Criminal Code and they come with more serious punishments, up to a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Insider trading

The buying or selling of a publicly traded company's stock by someone who has non-public, material information about that stock.

Summary conviction

Summary convictions are used for lesser offences with penalties, fines and short jail time. They reflect the majority of offences as defined in the Code.

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