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The Jury System

Exploring the Canadian Criminal Justice System

The Importance of the Jury System in Canadian Criminal Justice

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The Jury System - Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Legal Terms


Every jury member picks a foreperson, who records the verdict on a verdict sheet and notifies the court services officer. Once back in court, the foreperson stands to announce the verdict to the court.

Hung jury

When a jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict in a criminal case. The judge may send the jury back for more consideration, but if a unanimous verdict cannot be reached, a mistrial will be declared and the case may be retried before a new jury.


Canadian citizens over the age of 18 called to hear evidence and render a verdict or recommendation in a coroner’s inquest or a civil or criminal trial.


At the end of a trial, the jury will enter the jury room to begin deliberations. The sequestration period begins, as the jury must reach an unanimous verdict before they are released, avoiding all outside contact.

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